Robert (Rob) Bogue got started changing organizations 30 years ago. As a young professional, he worked with organizations to transform them from standalone PCs and floppy disks to local area networks and from fax machines to distributed email systems. His role was a technology enabler. He connected the computers and built the servers. He installed modems and taught executives how to use email – when they didn’t know how to type.

After spending nearly two decades focused on delivering technical solutions, Rob got frustrated. The beautiful solutions that he was building weren’t always changing the way organizations communicated, collaborated, and worked. By 2008, he had written the first comprehensive end user guide to Microsoft SharePoint. The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users was designed to address the training gap. You can imagine his frustration when it wasn’t enough to change behavior.

With his driving passion for delivering solutions through both teaching and learning, he couldn’t stand the lack of predictability in the results customers were getting. He started studying the successes and failures of his customers. He started reading about psychology, neurology, marketing, history, management, marketing, sales, leadership, innovation, engagement, and dozens of other topics. He realized that technology projects are almost always thinly-veiled change projects, and without the discipline to introduce change management practices into the process, clients wouldn’t succeed.

Over the years, he’s honed the tools he uses to support organizations in their change initiatives, and he brings that experience to the Confident Change Management Course.

Education and Speaking

Teaching has always been a part of what Rob has done. Early in his career, he taught basic computer skills and was introduced to public speaking nationally at the National Hardware Show in 1993. Since those humble beginnings, he’s received author credit on 27 books and editor credit on another 100 books. He’s written public courses for Microsoft,, and Pluralsight, as well as private clients.

He’s spoken at conferences by The Association for Talent Development (ATD) and The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in addition to his work with other companies, conferences, and associations. His speaking has taken him nationally and internationally to share his passion for how technology and change are interwoven. Rob has the pleasure of addressing audiences more than 50 times per year, both in person and virtually.

Certifications, Recognitions, and Reasons

Rob has collected a string of certifications from AIIM, Certification Partners, CompTia, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, and more – 17 in total.  More importantly, Rob has been honored to receive the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) seventeen times. This is an award, not a certification, that is given to members of the community that show people how to leverage Microsoft technology in their organizations and in their lives.

Rob has a yearning for learning and sharing that learning with others. Every week, he reads and reviews a book, which is posted publicly on His passion is for removing the barriers that prevent people from learning. Mundane technical details, like audio and video quality that prevent people from seeing and hearing the teaching, are important to Rob. That’s why he built a production quality video studio as a place to convert the best content into a form that anyone can access.

During the development of the Confident Change Management Course, Rob created four different pieces of technology to improve the learning experience:

  • Binder – This tool converts individual documents, which are tracked and revised, into a single book. It’s used for compiling the student and exercise handbooks.
  • PDF to Image– This tool converts PDF files of the exercises into a single, tall image that is used in the video introductions for the exercises, so it’s clear exactly which portion of the exercise is being referred to.
  • PDF Fields – This tool creates PDF files that have fillable fields so they can be done on paper or electronically on the computer.
  • Rendering Assistant – This tool allows Rob to re-render every video sequentially without intervention. The course contains 272 videos. This makes it possible to update backgrounds, logos, and to make minor adjustments to multiple videos at the same time.

The little annoyances that distract from the learning are major annoyances to Rob, who struggles so that the learner doesn’t have to.  Rob can be reached via email at and via telephone at 317-844-5310.

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