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What is a technology adoption if not change?  That’s how I started with change over three decades ago.  Delivering technology that had the power to transform the way that organizations worked — but things didn’t always work out that way.  Educating and implementing I knew that something was missing for organizations to really get the value they needed.
It was in 2008 after I was four years into the Microsoft MVP program and had author credit on more than 12 books that I wrote the first version of The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users.  I thought the problem was an education problem — that users didn’t know how to use the new technology.  Boy was I wrong.
I didn’t know then that I spend the next dozen years researching how to make change more effective.  I didn’t know about the hundreds of organizational changes that I’d be able to participate in.  I didn’t realize how much I’d learn from my clients.  From three person firms to 120,000 employees worldwide, we transformed organizations in small ways and large ways together.  We found we’d sometimes misunderstand the business, and we needed to develop better listening skills. So I researched and created a course focused on empathetic conversations.
I was committed to learning everything I could.  Over the past seven years, I’ve averaged over one book per week read and a review written.  Pulling from marketing, psychology, neurology, learning, and many other disciplines I distilled everything into the essential principles to be an expert change master.  That’s what you’ll find in our premiere Confident Change Management course.

I’m 20 years into the Microsoft MVP program now and have author credit on 28 books including the Amazon #1 Six Keys to Confident Change Management.  I’ve got 17 industry certifications, a master’s degree, and I speak to audiences all over the world about change.  I’ve reviewed over 450 books and I’m not done.  I’m committed to make your learning experience fast, fun, and functional.  I want you to be able to get the benefit of my research without the work.

During the development of the Confident Change Management Course, I created four different pieces of technology to improve the learning experience:

  • Binder – This tool converts individual documents, which are tracked and revised, into a single book. It’s used for compiling the student and exercise handbooks.
  • PDF to Image– This tool converts PDF files of the exercises into a single, tall image that is used in the video introductions for the exercises, so it’s clear exactly which portion of the exercise is being referred to.
  • PDF Fields – This tool creates PDF files that have fillable fields so they can be done on paper or electronically on the computer.
  • Rendering Assistant – This tool allows Rob to re-render every video sequentially without intervention. The course contains 272 videos. This makes it possible to update backgrounds, logos, and to make minor adjustments to multiple videos at the same time.

I can be reached via email at [email protected] and via telephone at 317-844-5310.

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