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Change Models Library

Review and compare a catalog of the most popular change models out there.  We relate the change models to one another, provide references to learn more, and demystify the various approaches to change.


Challenge what you've been told about changing.  Our blog tackles common misconceptions, uninformed approaches, and delivers new thinking to classic problems that plague change management.

Book Reviews

Have you ever wanted a library of change books?  Here's your chance.  We've reviewed hundreds of change related books and have posted those reviews for you to look at for free.  Decide to purchase the book or explore it's connections with the works of other authors.  It's like having a change specialized library in your own backyard.


Test how ready (and willing) you and your organization are to change and what that means for your change initiatives.  These quick quizzes allow you to assess what the blockers will be in your organization -- or how your organization is ready for a change.

If you’re not ready to take the course, we still want to help.  We’ve got all sorts of resources that you can use for free to better understand change and to better execute on your changes.  Put your name in the form below and we’ll start sending you resources that you can use to be successful with your change.

Get the Change Success Kit

Make succeeding with your change easier with our complimentary kit of ten tools that solve change problems.

Thor Projects is the consulting home for Rob and Terri.  It houses their consulting services, as well as their blog.  There are hundreds of book reviews and blog posts to help you be productive.  Whitepapers, courses, and other resources housed on Thor Projects help organizations transform themselves into innovative, creative, productive power houses.  Their technology, organizational change, and healthcare consulting services are described in more detail here as well as the patents they have, the projects that they’re pursuing and how they’re going to reduce harm due to healthcare associated infections.

The companion web site for Extinguish Burnout: A Practical Guide to Prevention and Recovery.  The web site has surveys to test your degree of burnout, exercises, articles, and resources for preventing burnout and recovering from it. Part of Rob and Terri Bogue’s commitment to help others survive and thrive, nearly all the resources on the site are free. Learn how to prevent burnout in yourself and in your team in short, understandable video segments and articles.

Kin-to-Kid Connection is the home of our child safety cards. These cards are designed to help connect kids and their ‘kin’ in conversations through card games. They include safety sayings based on CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics guidance. They also include child drawn artwork and a dice alternative. This is one way that we’re trying to help kids be safer and their parents — and other kin — get the resources they need to keep their kids safe.