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When you’re striking out on a change initiative, it can feel like you’re in a boat without a paddle. That’s why we put together a complimentary change resource toolkit – to help you be successful with change to matter what skill level you’re at or where you are in your change journey.

Every day, you’ll receive a new tool that you can use in any current or future change projects. You’ll learn how to do a SWOT analysis, walk through a Hero’s Journey, compare some of the most popular change models, and more.

In this toolkit, you’ll receive:

  • Information on the Introduction to Change Management course
  • SWOT Analysis Tool
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • RACI Chart Template
  • Communication Channels Decision Flowchart
  • Communications Plan Template
  • Hero’s Journey Template
  • The Hero’s Journey in Popular Movies
  • Change Model Comparison
  • Information on the Change Models Tour

Get the Change Success Kit

Make succeeding with your change easier with our complimentary kit of ten tools that solve change problems.