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Do you need a Change Agent or a Change Manager?

Take this short assessment to determine whether a change agent or a change manager is the best fit for your change initiative – or if additional resources are needed.

Two multiethnic professionals colleagues working together with laptop and papers in office. Indian male mentor and latin female young professional sitting in creative office space.
Change Agent or Change Manager Assessment

Is Your Organization Ready for Change?

Take any of the short quizzes below to assess your and your organization’s change readiness.

Silhouette of young businesswoman called on all her courage to walk on the rope at mountain. Business challenge concept
** Note: Visible grain at 100%, best at smaller sizes
General Trust
Resistance to Change
Stubborn employee
Change Cynicism
Patient on a wheelchair getting angry with nurse
General Anger
adorable group of dogs wearing devil's costume for halloween while standing and sitting on white background, panting
Acceptance of Change
Psychological Safety
Psychological Safety
Tolerance to Ambiguity
ecstatic and fanatic football fan man watching soccer game on television in red team jersey celebrating goal crazy happy on couch at home with ball and beer bottle eating pizza dark light set
Employee Engagement

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