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The Online, Anytime Course

The course is the most comprehensive change management course available today. It’s available completely online and on-demand. With over 800 pages of content and 11.5 hours of bite-sized videos, you’ll both learn the fundamentals of change management and have a resource for solving thorny problems later. Look at the complete syllabus to see for yourself how comprehensive the coverage is. Most students expect to spend between 24-40 hours with the material, including instruction and videos.

Facilitated Application Sessions

No matter how impactful the instruction and exercises are, there’s the opportunity to improve your application of these skills when you can share your experience with other students. The facilitated application sessions include a one-hour orientation followed by ten two-hour sessions designed to deepen your knowledge of the material. The first five sessions review the exercises and share the learnings and challenges with other students. The second five sessions are spent addressing specific concerns, issues, and challenges encountered while applying the information to your organization. They operate more like group coaching sessions that help everyone learn how to address the real-world challenges they encounter.

These facilitated conversations are led by change management experts who will share their experience and nudge you into using strategies to make the process easier in your organization.  Find a set of sessions that work for your schedule here.

Where to Buy

You can buy the online course and the facilitated application sessions from us directly or through one of our partners. You can click their name or icon below to go to their course offering.


Get the Change Management Resource Kit

Not sure if you're ready for the change? We've put together a change initiative toolkit that's free. Just sign up here to receive the toolkit to help you be successful in your change.

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