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SharePoint for Project Management


I’ve fallen more than a bit behind on my reading. I’ve got a stack of books here that I keep meaning to read, skim, review, etc. I did get a chance to take a look at one in the last few weeks and I’m glad I did. The book, SharePoint for Project Management, is a book I can respect. Why? Well, it’s a very practical how-to guide for using SharePoint for Project Management (one of its strengths). In some ways I think of it as The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users with a slant towards project management.

Of course, there’s more introductory text/conceptual stuff that’s needed in the project management space and that’s well covered, but the book also has the step-by-step processes that the uninitiated find helpful for finding the right switches, dials, and do-dads to make the product do what you want.

If you’ve got a project management office team or a group of project managers, this book can help.