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Conflict Management

Conflict disrupts every area of our life.  When we make changes, whether small or wide-sweeping, conflict is bound to erupt.  As change managers, we’re rarely given the tools we need to cool down a conflict that’s heating up – or even understand what causes the conflict to begin with.  This course teaches you tools and techniques you can use every day inside and out of your organization.

The 15 lessons in this course walk you through tools you can use to de-escalate and resolve conflict no matter what the situation.  You’ll discover the importance of acceptance, the impact of trust, the value of time, and many more insights to build your conflict management skills.



Unresolved conflicts derail dialogue, wreak havoc on relationships, and crush the chances of successful change.  If we can’t identify the conditions that create conflict and the causes that trigger it, you’ll get bogged down by squabbling stakeholders.  Strengthen your conflict management skills to avoid the pitfalls of conflict and get to resolution.