Facilitated Application Sessions: July 6, 2021 – September 7, 2021

Join us as we review the exercises and help you apply your confident change management learning to your situation. The first five sessions will feature you and your fellow students discussing their experience with the course materials. A review of the instruction, including time for questions, answers, and discussions, will be followed by sharing what was easy and difficult with each of the exercises, including challenges of applying the exercise to your specific situation.

The second five sessions will feature discussions about the application of the content in your organization. While prospective discussion topics are provided, students are encouraged to share the aspects of the change process that are challenging to them.  This forum allows every student to ask hard questions and get honest answers.  It provides a window into the experience not only their own change journey but also the journey others are on – and learn how the same approaches may play out differently in different situations.

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Date Time Objectives
July 6th 3:00 PM EDT – 6:00 PM EDT Introductions
Lesson 1:

  • Instruction Review
  • Assessment Exercise Review
  • Generation Exercise Review
  • Prioritization Exercise Review
  • Refinement Review
July 13th 4:00 PM EDT – 6:00 PM EDT Lesson 2:

  • Instruction Review
  • Waterfall or Iterative Exercise Review
  • Words and Meaning Exercise Review
  • Personas Exercise Review
  • Selecting Visualizations Review
July 20th 4:00 PM EDT –
6:00 PM EDT
Lesson 3:

  • Instruction Review
  • Identifying Basic Motivators Exercise Review
  • Discovering Barriers Exercise Review
  • Building Trust Exercise Review
  • Evaluating Change Readiness Exercise Review
July 27th 4:00 PM EDT –
6:00 PM EDT
Lesson 4:

  • Instruction Review
  • Channel List and Responsiveness Policy Exercise Review
  • Channel Decision Tree Exercise Review
  • Key Messages Exercise Review
  • Communication Plan Exercise Review

Lesson 5:

  • Instruction Review
  • Feeling Safe Exercise Review
  • Writing Your Hero Story Exercise Review
  • Writing the Announcement Exercise Review
  • Sketching the Tip Series Exercise Review
August 3rd 4:00 PM EST –
6:00 PM EST
Lesson 6:

  • Instruction Review
  • Identifying Stakeholder Salience Exercise Review
  • Anger: Disappointment Directed Exercise Review
  • Ladder of Inference Exercise Review
  • Delivering What They Really Want Exercise Review

Lesson 7:

  • Instruction Review
  • Evaluating Change Readiness Exercise Review
  • Building Organizational Safety Exercise Review
  • Creating Conditions for Dialogue Exercise Review
  • Performing an After Action Review Exercise Review
August 10th 4:00 PM EST –
6:00 PM EST
Change Implementation Review:

  • Unanticipated Barriers
  • Overcoming Resistance
August 17th 4:00 PM EST –
6:00 PM EST
Change Implementation Review:

  • Managing Metrics
  • Developing Champions
August 24th 4:00 PM EST –
6:00 PM EST
Change Implementation Review:

  • Miscommunication Recovery
  • Creative Approaches to Communication and Collaboration
August 31st 4:00 PM EST –
6:00 PM EST
Change Implementation Review:

  • Change During Change (Coping with Organizational Changes)
  • Changing Culture
September 7th 4:00 PM EST –
6:00 PM EST
Change Implementation Review:

  • Student Questions and Answers