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The Six Keys to Confident Change Management [eBook]

Written by organizational change expert Robert Bogue, The Six Keys to Confident Change Management offers tools you can use to initiate and manage change. Whether you’re doing a process improvement or reimagining the organization through digital transformation, you’ll learn the keys you need to be confident and successful in your change.

It starts with the process of creating clarity in your vision for the future before walking into discussions on how to manage either programs or projects and then how to motivate your peers or coworkers to actually do the change. From there, the conversation leads to the strategy of and skills needed for effective communication, the management of stakeholders, and the final goal of successful organizational change.

With these six keys, you’ll be confident in your ability to enact any change you’re trying to accomplish.

This product is available in three file formats: PDF, HTML, and MOBI. All three will become available to you when you complete your purchase.