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Joining a Teams Meeting Guide

In our world of remote and hybrid work, it’s critically important to stay connected. The various virtual meetings can become a juggling act as we inevitably run into technological issues or confusion about the multitude of buttons and symbols. Late starts to meetings become normal when guests are stuck in waiting rooms or the host forgets how to unmute themselves.

When it comes to Microsoft Teams, we’ve made it easy. This handy guide, Joining a Teams Meeting, gives you all you need to know about working with Teams. Whether you’ve already downloaded the application or are hopping in through a web browser, we walk you through the steps of joining a Teams meeting, including getting your devices set up before the meeting even starts. We’ve also included some common troubleshooting steps for when things go wrong, like if you’ve lost the meeting invitation or your computer wants to use the wrong microphone. We’ve also included a comprehensive overview of the different buttons and tools at your disposal, with screenshot pictures to help you orient yourself while you’re in a Teams meeting.

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