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42 Rules of Employee Engagement


One of the best things about 42 Rules of Employee Engagement by Susan Stamm is that because it’s 42 separate rules – so you can consume the material a few pages at a time. The book for me was a sort of flash cards, a collection of bits and pieces that I’d learned elsewhere that I was in some state of forgetfulness about. Although my interest wasn’t in engaging the employees I manage – I still found some nuggets of useful information about how to engage employees – and perhaps more importantly what breaks employee engagement.

The book ends with a list of references to other books that might be useful to the reader. In fact about 15% of the book are these references to other books and tools.

Here’s the list of rules covered in the book:

  • Rule 1 Rules Are Meant to Be Broken
  • Rule 2 Get “Under New Management”
  • Rule 3 Begin at the very Beginning
  • Rule 4 Listen, Listen, Listen
  • Rule 5 Be a Hands-On Manager
  • Rule 6 Be a Low-Tech Communicator
  • Rule 7 Everyone Needs Feedback
  • Rule 8 Keep Learning
  • Rule 9 Allow Your Team to Grow
  • Rule 10 Support Your Team Members When Needed
  • Rule 11 Relationships Determine Results
  • Rule 12 Sharing Builds Community
  • Rule 13 Your Beliefs Drive Results
  • Rule 14 You’re Still the Boss
  • Rule 15 Everyone’s Not Like You (Thank Goodness!)
  • Rule 16 Be Direct with People Who value Results
  • Rule 17 Be Enthusiastic with People Who value Enthusiasm
  • Rule 18 Be Accepting with People Who value Sincerity
  • Rule 19 Be Reliable with People Who value Quality
  • Rule 20 Build Self-Esteem When Discussing Performance
  • Rule 21 Involve to Engage
  • Rule 22 Use Your Head
  • Rule 23 You Don’t Have to Be the Smartest Person in the Room
  • Rule 24 Compete with Your Competitors
  • Rule 25 Get Out of the Shower
  • Rule 26 Turf is for Stadiums, Not Teams
  • Rule 27 Right Actions Bring Engagement
  • Rule 28 Leave Your “Good Parenting” Skills at Home
  • Rule 29 Leave Your “Bad Parenting” Skills at Home
  • Rule 30 Expect Exceeded Expectations
  • Rule 31 It Only Takes a Minute
  • Rule 32 Recognize Good Performances
  • Rule 33 Problem Solving Is a Team Sport
  • Rule 34 Help Your Team Accept Change
  • Rule 35 He Who Has the Gold, Rules
  • Rule 36 Build Acceptance, Reject Prejudices
  • Rule 37 Honesty Is Always the Best Policy
  • Rule 38 Give It Your All
  • Rule 39 Know What You Want
  • Rule 40 Engaged Teams Get the Facts
  • Rule 41 Ask, Don’t Tell
  • Rule 42 These Are My Rules, What Are Yours?