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Communication Tips

With so many forms of media out there, organizations need someone to manage their communications across the board. Often, the people in these roles aren’t trained in professional communications – and if they are, it can still be a major struggle to get employees to read what is written.

If you or one of your colleagues are in the role of corporate communicator, you don’t have to flounder in the dark. We’ve created a series of videos to help non-communicators talk to the organization. Pulling from psychology, journalism, and a bit of ancient Egyptian wisdom, these videos discuss what you can do to get people the information they need to hear – without overwhelming them with noise. Whether you’ve got just one communicator or a whole team, everyone can get the tips they need to have successful communications.

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The following videos are included in the series:
  • Cascading Communication
  • Communicating in Layers
  • Listening to WIII-FM
  • Campbell’s Journey
  • AKA – Writing for Purpose
  • Talk to the Emotional Elephant
  • The Signal and the Noise
  • This is a Story
  • Writing Like an Egyptian
  • Time to Talk Tantalizing Teasers
  • A KISS of Cognitive Load
  • Communication Control to Collaborative Communication
  • Buzzword Buzzkill