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Hero’s Journey Resource Book

Can’t get your users to join you on your change journey?  Perhaps they’re not feeling like a hero.  Joseph Campbell discovered that every hero’s journey followed a predictable pattern.  The Hero’s Journey has been used by George Lucas and countless directors to create compelling stories that light up the big screen – and now you can use the same techniques to get your stakeholders to engage.

Don’t get caught fighting for attention when you can make them the hero in their own story.

In this resource book, you’ll get almost 10 minutes of instruction on how to make your users the hero of your change story and another five minutes of coaching on how to do the exercise that has you mapping out their hero journey.  The 34-page resource book serves as your guide as you learn how to guide your users on their hero’s journey.

Little child girl plays superhero. Child on the background of sunset sky. Girl power concept


Sneak Peeks

Want to see the secrets of the model?  

You’ll see how to create the external and internal structure to create engaged heroes in your organization.

The most difficult thing in any change initiative is getting everyone on board.  You can fight with the users to get them to change their behaviors and do what you need to be successful, or you can make them the hero and let them lift you up and carry you across the finish line.