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Communication Flowchart Resource Book

Our organizations have numerous communications channels at our disposal. Everything from emails and instant messages to video meetings and town halls are at our fingertips. We even know what we’re communicating, who’s communicating it, and who needs to be communicated to. But that’s where the hard part begins. Do you need to get your message out right now? What if it contains some confidential information? Will you need people to be able to look back at the communications a week from now – or a year from now?

We help you answer these questions in our 33-page resource book on the Communications Flowchart. You’ll learn the power of different types of media, why some channels are powerful in some cases but ineffective in others. We discuss ways to think about communications that aren’t often considered, like pushing versus pulling or how timeliness relates to findability. From there, we help you determine the decisions that need to be made to get to the right communications channels, and you’ll create a flowchart so you can take the guesswork out of choosing a channel.