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Metrics & Indicators Resource Book

How do you know if you’re on the right track with your change or that you succeeded?  Picking metrics seems simple until you try to do it.  You’ve got to find metrics that measure behavior change as well as results.  Equally important is how you prevent stakeholders from manipulating the metrics in ways that make them look better than they’re really doing.  Learn how to create metrics that are difficult to game, tell you that you’re on the right track, and demonstrate real organizational impact.

Sixteen minutes of instruction break down how to identify and select metrics while three minutes of video teach how to use the exercises to deepen your learning.  The 26-page workbook provides details and techniques for selecting and protecting metrics.




Want to try your hand at selecting a set of metrics that are balanced?

See how well your existing metrics balance needs and get ideas for adjusting metrics for a more balanced approach.

No one wants an Enron scale manipulation of metrics on their watch.  Even small errors in metrics can have big consequences for change initiative success.  The wrong metrics could be meaningless or be gamed by the stakeholders.  Keep from getting crushed by ineffective metrics.