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After-Action Review Resource Book

The best way to ensure that you’ll get a successful change next time – whether the current attempt is successful, partially successful, or a failure – is to capture what you’ve learned.  The best way to do that is an after-action review, but if you’ve never seen one run or you’ve never seen one run successfully, it can be difficult to believe you can get it right.

If you’ve ever tried – and failed – at a change initiative in the past, you know how resistant folks will get to trying a change again.  You didn’t get the good feedback you needed, and the next change you’re facing is daunting.  This resource book will help you build the psychological safety needed to get to honest dialogue about what did – and didn’t – go well, get to a consensus on communicating what was done, and get to an after-action review that will make the rocky road to change a little more smooth.

This 25-page book is packed with concrete steps you can take to make your future change initiatives successful.  A short discussion of the importance of an after-action review is followed by twelve and a half minutes of exercise with tools you can use for any project, large or small.



Want a quick guide to doing an effective after-action review?

Engage your whole team in your after-action review on a single sheet of paper.

Fear is a powerful motivator that can drive people to clam up if they think their voice will result in punishment.  When people don’t feel they can be honest about what went right and wrong, your after-action review will be worse than useless – it will sabotage future change initiatives.  Ensure you set yourself up for success with an after-action review that makes everyone feel heard.