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Kin-to-Kid Connection is the home of our child safety cards. These cards are designed to help connect kids and their ‘kin’ in conversations through card games. They include safety sayings based on CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics guidance. They also include child drawn artwork and a dice alternative.
Our one-per-week five-minute videos that teach core skills to everyone in the organization.  A rising tide raises all boats.  Convenient, effective, and economical, Discovered Truths is the way to improve the communication, collaboration, and life skills of everyone in the organization.
The companion web site for Extinguish Burnout: A Practical Guide to Prevention and Recovery.  The web site has surveys to test your degree of burnout, exercises, articles, and resources for preventing burnout and recovering from it.
Thor Projects is the consulting home for Rob and Terri.  It houses their consulting services, as well as their blog.  There are hundreds of book reviews and blog posts to help you be productive.  Whitepapers, courses, and other resources housed on Thor Projects help organizations transform themselves into innovative, creative, productive power houses.