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Back in January I read (and reviewed) Malcom Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point.   I liked it so much that Malcolm’s next book, Blink, quickly made my reading list.  I don’t read many books that don’t have some sort of technology tie-in so Blink was a good change of pace.

The basic overview of Blink is a walkthrough of how we make snap decisions (quick decisions), why they’re mostly right, how that works, and how to make better use of the unconscious thinking that goes into  those quick decisions.

The subtitle “The power of thinking without thinking” is appropriate because it exposes how our unconscious mind is always thinking about the situations around us even when our conscious mind is not.

It’s a great exploration of the topic – particularly since I’m fascinated by the change that takes place from the first time you do it vs. when you’re proficient at it.  Flying for instance.  The first time I flew a plane it was way too much information.  I couldn’t do things fast enough.  I couldn’t evaluate all the variables faster than the plane was flying.  Now I don’t even consciously think about the variables involved in landing a plane.

If you’re interested in how you make snap decisions, why they’re right more often than not, and what to do about the situations where you’re not right, Blink is a book you should read.