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Virtual Session: Avoiding Burnout in Continuous Change

Burnout is becoming the most challenging issue that we face today.  The changes that our happening in our world are coming at a rate that make us all feel ineffective and threaten to plunge all of us into burnout.  You can avoid burnout, even in continuous change, if you understand what causes it and what to do about it if you’re there.

In this 53-minute session, you’ll learn what burnout is, how it works, and what to do about it.  Practical guidance that moves past platitudes and true but useless clichés, you’ll get what you need to take action today to prevent or recover from burnout.  You’ll put burnout in context and realize that it’s not a personal fault but is rather a predictable result from our fast-paced world where everything is always changing.



Sneak Peeks

How long do you think it takes to get to 50 million users?

Watch how fast things get to 50 million users today.

With those sorts of adoptions occurring so rapidly, how long will it be before your industry is swallowed or replaced?

There’s no way to stop the change that is coming at us.  All we can do is learn to better adapt and cope with them.  If we don’t burnout is bound to happen.  Take the step to prevent burnout and better cope with continuous change.