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Virtual Session: The Science of Influence and Motivation

How can you motivate without manipulation?  Whether you’ve avoided learning how to influence and motivate others for fear of being seen as manipulative or you’ve just never had the chance, here’s your chance to learn the skills necessary to influence and motivate without being manipulative.

Decades of research on motivation and influence are reviewed in this 1 hour and six-minute presentation.  We move seamlessly between researchers and approaches to connect the threads that will help us bring others along in our change effort.



Sneak Peeks

Are you making it harder to motivate people?

Watch how extrinsic motivation breaks intrinsic motivation.

When we’re unaware how motivation works, we can silently break it.

Don’t get stuck wondering if people will ever get motivated enough to make the behavior changes that you need them to make.  Step up with the tools and techniques that make it appear that everyone just wants to be a part of the project.

Get the science behind the session by checking out the references: