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Virtual Session: Making Change Resistance a Thing of the Past

Everyone faces resistance in their change initiative.  Too many changes die because of a failure to adequately and appropriately address resistance.  Learn how to work through resistance so that it no longer threatens your project.

In this 50-minute session, you’ll get a clear understanding of what resistance is and how to address it.  From a lack of understanding to various kinds of overt and subversive conflict, get the tools that you need to remove the friction of change resistance and accelerate your change initiative.

Sunset on a field, reflected in the rearviewmirror of a car


Do you need people to understand – or agree?

Watch how understanding differs from agreement.

What are you looking for when you confront resistance?

Most change initiatives that fail do so because of resistance.  Instead of people moving the ball forward, they’re trying to hide it and prevent your success.  Learn how to prevent these bad behaviors and stop resistance from bringing your change initiative to a halt.