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Basic Motivators Resource Book

There isn’t one way to motivate everyone.  To motivate people, you need to know what’s important to them.  This resource book, based on the research of Steven Reiss, utilizes 16 basic motivators to help you identify what’s important to your stakeholders.  Knowing what’s important to your stakeholders – and what isn’t important – you can clearly focus your messages in ways that will motivate your users to make the changes you need.

Packed with 18 minutes of instruction and six and half minutes of exercise support, the resource kit teaches you how to determine what motivates your stakeholders.  The 23-page workbook provides a place for you to try out these motivation assessment skills with your stakeholder groups and see how you might think more deeply about what motivates them.

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Do you want to see how the assessment works in short?

Learn how to motivate based on what is important to them.

There’s nothing worse than building it and having no one come.  Get the skills you need today to motivate people in ways that work for them and get you the kind of change you want – so you don’t have to explain why no one changed their behavior and how that doomed your change initiative.