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Personas Resource Book

Learn how to speak directly to your users without crafting messages one at a time.  Used by marketers across the planet, personas identify archetypical people and crystalize them into a single person that you can speak directly to.  By speaking to this person directly, you’re speaking to all the people they represent.  Instead of struggling for what to say or being overwhelmed with the idea of having to write numerous messages, personas can make communicating easy and powerful.

You’ll get over 7 minutes of instruction on how to create a persona and another 7 minutes of coaching for the exercise.  The included handbook provides 25 pages of specific guidance on how to create a persona and examples of what your persona should look like when it’s done.  Like painting by number, you follow the steps, and you get a persona at the end, no matter how creative you believe you are or are not.



Sneak Peeks

Want to see what it looks like to create a persona? 

If you don’t use personas, you’ll continue to struggle to get your users to read and react to your message.  You’ll be stuck in the challenge of feeling like no one reads your message or takes the actions you need them to take.  Escape the communication chasm and start making your messages connect.