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Virtual Session: The Six Keys to Confident Change Management

Accomplishing change in organizations – or personally – is difficult and confusing.  How do you sort through mountains of research, books, videos, and resources to discover the six critical things that will make your change initiative a success every time?  You can’t develop the confidence to succeed in your change if you’re not able to organize your thinking about it.  In this session, you’ll get a framework from which you can learn how to confidently initiate and manage change.

In this 53-minute presentation, expect a fast-paced journey through the major factors that influence change success with relatable stories, funny anecdotes, and practical knowledge you can put to use today.



Sneak Peeks

What constitutes success? Watch this video to see how the Sydney Opera House is both a failure and a success.

It’s important to know how you define success – and how to accept different definitions if you want to be successful.

Don’t get locked out of change management success.  A 70% failure rate for change projects should give anyone pause and make them consider what it would take to get the right keys to unlock change success.